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If a CIO is going to lead digital transformation, then they need to have an understanding of the customer journey map. Here’s what they need to know.
For major 5G internet breakthroughs, look to the skies, where satellite technology is augmenting and boosting competition in the 5G ecosystem. This is stellar news for 5G consumers and enterprises across the planet. Check out my deep dive here.
We are exploring the most significant digital transformation trends that will impact business and our lives in 2020.
Digital transformation can fail which is why it’s critical that every digital transformation initiation have a risk management component. Let’s take a look at what that looks like.
Amazon Upskilling 2025 was announced today, a commitment by Amazon to invest $700 million in retraining employees in data science, machine learning, business analysis, etc. Not to take anything away from Amazon's 'moment' $700 million over six years is not a lot of money in the big scheme of all things Amazon.
Pulling your board into the tech circle should enhance the momentum of your digital transformation, not detract from it. For digital transformation to be, well, transformational, board members will need to be fully engaged—and informed—regarding tech advancement.
Do we need global standards for the humane and ethical development of artificial intelligence (AI)? Let's take a look at the OECD guidelines.