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Survey of 1,000 Consumers in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Germany Shows that Consumers are Willing to Share Their Data if Brands Provide Better Omnichannel Customer Experiences
New Cookieless Technology Continues To Fuel Brand Insights for Improved Experiences While Making Customer Privacy The Top Priority
New Metrics will resell Medallia software and provide professional services to customers in the region.
New alliance gives companies a comprehensive view of the customer service experience, based on sentiment and service history, to improve retention and brand loyalty
Intelligently automates common requests and enables contact center agents to deliver more personalized and profitable customer experiences
Combination empowers brands to enrich customer intelligence to increase conversions and sales and build deep, long-term relationships
First enterprise-grade contact center solution purpose-built for the financial services industry
NICE Enlighten AI Feedback powers agile real-time action with hyper-personalized surveys to quickly resolve customer issues
First enterprise-grade contact center solution purpose-built for the healthcare industry