Zoom Introduces Innovative Tools at Enterprise Connect 2023 to Enhance Collaboration and Communication

The News: At Enterprise Connect 2023, Zoom introduced several innovative and practical tools to make teamwork more meaningful, enhance collaboration and communication. With Zoom Huddles And Intelligent Director, Zoom is poised to revolutionize the way people work and communicate. Read more from Zoom.

Zoom Introduces Innovative Tools at Enterprise Connect 2023 to Enhance Collaboration and Communication

Analyst Take: Remote workers are dealing with challenges around communication, connection and productivity, making the need to adopt new technology to support these areas one of the most strategic investments a business can make. Zoom recognizes these challenges, and at Enterprise Connect 2023, announced new innovative tools to make teamwork more meaningful and strengthen customer relationships for remote workers. These innovations make it easier for remote workers to collaborate and communicate.

At Enterprise Connect 2023, Zoom introduced the following features:

Zoom Huddles: Zoom Huddles, rebranded from Zoom Spots, is a video-enabled virtual coworking space which is designed to foster ad-hoc discussions and encourage free-form video-first conversations. Zoom Huddles is designed to replicate sitting next to an employee in the office, intended to be less formal than a Zoom meeting, and according to Zoom, replicate the “working alongside” aspect of an open office. Zoom Huddles encourages freeform, video-first collaboration and is now available globally for customers who request early access by visiting the product page.

Intelligent Director: Zoom Intelligent Director, powered by AI, uses multiple cameras in a Zoom Room, to determine the best view of individuals participating in the meeting, adjusting as they move. According to Zoom at Enterprise Connect 2023, Intelligent Director will enhance the video conferencing experience by making remote meetings feel more like in-person interactions. Intelligent Director will be available soon in beta.

Zoom Mail Client: Customers can connect third-party email accounts like Microsoft 365 directly in the Zoom Mail Client eliminating the need to switch between an email window and a Zoom window. Zoom is also offering a calendar sidebar panel view, so users can see what’s coming up, who they’ll be working with, and what related assets might be useful. At Enterprise Connect 2023, Zoom announced that the Zoom Mail Client is now available for all Zoom users.

Zoom Presentation Assets from Enterprise Connect

Zoom Scheduler: Zoom Scheduler works seamlessly with Zoom Meetings and Zoom Mail and Calendar, and integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft 365, allowing users to share their availability with colleagues and external people to speed up the booking of meetings. Zoom Scheduler makes it easy to find the perfect time to meet by sharing your availability so others, even people outside your organization like clients and partners, can conveniently book appointments. Meetings scheduled using Zoom Scheduler show up on your calendar with a Zoom Meetings link already included. Zoom Scheduler is currently available in public beta.

Zoom Contact Center: The Zoom Contact Center is now globally available including a new workforce engagement management solution to help optimize customer support. Currently in beta, the Zoom Contact Center predicts agent workloads and accurately estimates schedules in order to staff appropriately. At Enterprise Connect 2023, Zoom announced that the Zoom Contact Center also provides coaching and learning opportunities based on past customer conversations enabling agents to improve their performance.

Wrapping up, with Zoom’s announcements at Enterprise Connect 2023 of new innovations it’s clear that Zoom is committed to providing its customers with the most innovative and practical tools to enhance collaboration and communication. With its unique approach to AI and the introduction of new tools like Zoom Huddles and Intelligent Director, Zoom is poised to revolutionize the way people work and communicate. These are great innovative tools for the remote workforce announced at Enterprise Connect 2023.

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