Dialpad and T-Mobile Boost Business Communications with Ai Recaps Release

Dialpad and T-Mobile Boost Business Communications with Ai Recaps Release

The News: Dialpad, provider of AI-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform, and T-Mobile announced the general release of Ai Recaps and a three-year extension of the exclusive partnership between the two companies. Read the full press release on the T-Mobile website.

Dialpad and T-Mobile Boost Business Communications with Ai Recaps Release

Analyst Take: Dialpad, Inc. and Dialpad from T-Mobile business customers using Dialpad get new AI-enabled features, including Ai Recaps delivered with 100% uptime service-level agreements (SLAs). Ai Recaps is developed on Dialpad’s proprietary DialpadGPT—a large language model (LLM) specifically designed for business conversations. Ai Recaps leverages more than 6 billion minutes of Dialpad’s proprietary conversational data to provide precise, customized insights.

I find that the joint launch can move the needle for business communication, due in large part to Dialpad’s advanced technology aligning with T-Mobile’s 5G network. Since announcing their strategic partnership in 2021, Dialpad and T-Mobile have been exploring new technologies to help customers transform their businesses with cutting-edge communication solutions. That’s why, in addition to partnering on AI innovation, Dialpad is part of T-Mobile’s sharply differentiated 5G Network Slicing Beta, which is aimed at significantly improving video calling experiences.

T-Mobile’s Network Slicing Proposition Uplifts Dialpad Capabilities

Network slicing is a technology enabled primarily by 5G standalone architecture (5G SA) that can deliver optimal network performance characteristics based on use case requirements. In my view, T-Mobile offers the only nationwide 5G SA network in the United States, solidly positioning the company to power network slicing innovation across the developer ecosystem.

T-Mobile’s 5G network slicing beta is aimed at developers who are working to innovate their video calling applications with the capabilities of 5G SA. With a customized network slice, developers can sign up to test video calling applications that require consistent uplink and downlink speeds along with lower latency (near-real-time responsiveness) and increased reliability.

Also, T-Mobile’s network slicing beta augments its overall network slicing proposition. By offering T-Mobile Security Slice as part of its overall secure access service edge (SASE) solution, I see T-Mobile establishing swift differentiation for its network slice capability through time-to-market advantages over its top-tier carrier rivals. T-Mobile’s offering can use its nationwide 5G SA network to use 5G SA-enabled devices that provide improved latency and enhanced mobile broadband speeds that compare favorably to Wi-Fi, LTE, and 5G non-SA with built-in security and control safeguards.

Of key importance, since Dialpad debuted its Early Adopter Program (EAP) for Ai Recaps earlier in 2024, the company has generated Ai Recaps for more than 50 million calls and meetings. Ai Recaps has already demonstrated it reduces call review and notetaking time while more accurately identifying the next steps from conversations.

As Dialpad’s exclusive operating partner in the United States, T-Mobile can offer business customers Dialpad’s full suite of AI-enabled benefits. As such, T-Mobile can now uniquely offer new Dialpad features such as Auto-Save to customer relationship management (CRM), customizable summaries, easy-to-read transcripts, scheduling assistance, and easy sharing and request to share. For example, through Auto-Save to CRM, sales professionals can integrate summaries into CRM records, helping keep track of interactions and reducing record-keeping time.

Key Takeaways: Dialpad and T-Mobile

I believe that by combining Dialpad’s new AI suite with T-Mobile’s 5G SA network, organizations can both perform smarter and complete deals more rapidly through real-time insights from every customer interaction produced by Dialpad capabilities such as Ai Recaps. The collaboration injects innovation into professional interactions, ensuring that critical insights are secured with actionable insights across customer meetings and calls.

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