Chronosphere Partners with CrowdStrike and Acquires Calyptia

Chronosphere Partners with CrowdStrike and Acquires Calyptia

The News: Chronosphere has recently acquired Calyptia and announced a strategic partnership with CrowdStrike, marking a significant development in its journey toward a comprehensive observability platform. Adding logs to its metrics and trace capabilities, Chronosphere offers a complete solution for enhanced visibility. Furthermore, CrowdStrike’s investment through the Falcon Fund solidifies a collaborative effort to build an ecosystem of next-generation technology leaders, providing CrowdStrike customers access to innovative third-party capabilities integrated with the CrowdStrike Falcon platform. For more details, read the press release on the Chronosphere website.

Chronosphere Partners with CrowdStrike and Acquires Calyptia

Analyst Take: Chronosphere has recently acquired Calyptia, founded by the original creators of the Fluent Ecosystem. It brings a rich legacy with its association with Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) graduated projects Fluent Bit and Fluentd, boasting over 12 billion downloads. The vendor-agnostic Fluent projects have established themselves as critical components in the open-source community, integrating seamlessly with various tools and data sources. With a commitment to fostering open-source collaboration, Chronosphere is set to continue and enhance Calyptia’s investments in the Fluent Ecosystem and community.

Integrating Calyptia into the Chronosphere platform marks a significant stride in bolstering its observability capabilities. This addition introduces an observability pipeline that facilitates collecting, transforming, and routing metric, log, and trace data at scale. Noteworthy is the inclusion of client-side transformation capabilities alongside Chronosphere’s existing server-side control plane. This empowers teams to control costs by selectively sending and storing essential data, leveraging intelligent built-in filters to reduce volumes by 30% or more.

The enhanced platform also focuses on improving developer productivity by offering the ability to enrich, redact, or modify data in flight before it reaches end users. Real-time analysis of log data during collection, rather than waiting for storage and indexing, accelerates incident resolution by allowing developers to swiftly understand the root cause of critical issues.

In a strategic move, Chronosphere recently unveiled “Logs powered by CrowdStrike,” a comprehensive log storage and visualization solution. By embedding CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale within Chronosphere’s cloud-native observability platform, this solution provides teams with the capability for data ingestion at scale and rapid search across vast datasets. Accessible to both new and existing Chronosphere customers, Logs, powered by CrowdStrike, facilitates seamless data routing to the logging backend of choice, whether it be Splunk, Elastic, or Chronosphere’s turnkey solution.

As part of a complete observability platform, Logs, powered by CrowdStrike, guides organizations through the troubleshooting workflow. This includes navigating metrics, events, traces, and logs, offering a best-in-class observability solution. The ability to efficiently store data for extended periods, perform searches, and correlate metrics, logs, traces, and events reduces costs associated with legacy solutions. This efficiency enables quicker and more decisive actions, decreasing customer-facing incidents, accelerating release velocity, and, ultimately, better business outcomes.

In a further demonstration of strategic alignment, Chronosphere announced a significant investment by CrowdStrike through its strategic investment vehicle, the CrowdStrike Falcon Fund. This fund is purposefully designed to build an ecosystem of next-generation technology leaders who share a common mission. The unique combination of investment and deep technical integrations with the CrowdStrike Falcon platform ensures that CrowdStrike customers gain access to cutting-edge third-party capabilities. This collaboration solidifies the commitment to innovation and underscores the shared vision of advancing the capabilities of the broader technology landscape.

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