Arcitecta Showcases Mediaflux Livewire at SCA24

Arcitecta Showcases Mediaflux Livewire at SCA24

The News: Arcitecta has enhanced its Mediaflux Livewire data movement solution, which it showcased at the recent Supercomputing Asia 2024 (SCA24) conference. At SCA24, Mediaflux Livewire was awarded Most Complete Architecture in the international Data Mover Challenge (DMC). More information about Arcitecta’s enhancements to Livewire and its participation in the DMC can be found here.

Arcitecta Showcases Mediaflux Livewire at SCA24

Analyst Take: Arcitecta showcased its Mediaflux Livewire data movement solution at this year’s Supercomputing Asia conference with its entry in the recurring international DMC. The DMC is a challenge that takes place every 2 years and tests solutions’ ability to move data between various countries over 100 Gbps networks. According to the National Supercomputing Centre, “The challenge focuses on optimizing point-to-point data transfers between sites – a crucial step forward in advancing research collaboration and sharing.”

Livewire, part of Arcitecta’s overarching Mediaflux data management solution, demonstrated the power of its data movement capabilities during the competition and was awarded as the Most Complete Architecture. The award is a significant accomplishment for Arcitecta, and it highlights an impressive component of the Mediaflux solution that may occasionally be overlooked when considering the platform’s much broader focus on data management. Mediaflux Livewire allows organizations to rapidly transmit data, even when utilizing low bandwidth or unreliable networks.

The ability to transfer data is crucial for facilitating collaboration between geographically dispersed organizations, yet it can be increasingly difficult when dealing with large file sizes. This challenge may be of particular concern for verticals such as life sciences or media and entertainment in which collaboration between teams in various locations is common and the data requiring transfer can be quite large. The DMC results demonstrate Livewire’s ability to address these concerns and show off recent enhancements to the solution. Arcitecta’s recently announced enhancements to Livewire include the following capabilities:

  • Visual representation of which files are stored at which site
  • Adaptive file compression to decrease total data capacity transmitted
  • Reliable packet retransmission when connections fail on high-latency networks without impacting throughput
  • Network performance and transmission monitoring including a 3-D worldview of sites, ping times, and network traffic

Arcitecta’s overall goal with Mediaflux is comprehensive data management—and the product is packed with various capabilities to help achieve that, including Livewire. While data movement is only one piece of the data management puzzle, the ability to overcome the challenges of transmitting data between locations is crucial for geographically dispersed, collaborative organizations. Arcitecta’s strong performance in the most recent DMC competition highlights its data movement capabilities and furthers Mediaflux’s status as a well-rounded data management solution.

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