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Technical Insight: Cloud Scale Infrastructure


Transitions in Information Technology operations have been profound and ongoing for a myriad of reasons, some from technology developments and others from the nature of business changes.  While the list of changes and reasons is long, the resulting impacts for IT are numerous challenges to meet operations practice requirements.

Staffing shortages or unavailability with required expertise has been a common refrain.  The approaches to address staffing issues are varied but many require new development efforts and others may not deliver continued improvement, only addressing the current state.

One factor bringing these challenges and potential solutions to a critical point is the need to address cyber-attacks and ransomware recovery.  This board-level concern adds urgency to act and IT organizations with a strategic view for their operations must address cyber-attacks and recovery as part of the entire set of challenges rather than complicating the situation with multiple, often-conflicting efforts.

Needing to scale in the face of increasing complexity with on-premises environments, hybrid clouds, and public clouds is termed “Cloud-Scale Infrastructure” which connotes the relative magnitude of the undertaking.  Solving Cloud Scale Infrastructure needs is a major strategic decision for IT organizations as part of IT transformation to deliver the next generation data center.

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September 26, 2022

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