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Technical Insight: Enterprise Cloud “Survey of Surveys”

Earlier this year, the Evaluator Group undertook a project to aggregate publicly available survey data on enterprise cloud usage. Our objective was to determine the current “state” of enterprise cloud computing by combining and analyzing this data that is publically available from multiple sources.

Enterprise Cloud is one of the most if not the most surveyed topic in enterprise IT today. This is true we believe because cloud computing now impacts nearly every IT vendor. It is reshaping the face of IT and its impact will be felt for years to come.

In this report, we highlight some current trends in enterprise cloud computing that may come as a surprise to some readers. First, cloud is coming “out of the shadows,” meaning that enterprise cloud adoption is falling increasingly within the domain of centralized IT and less of a “shadow IT” phenomenon. Second, security is becoming less of an inhibitor as time goes on. This is particularly true for the more experienced cloud users.

Industry Insight includes:

  • Introduction
  • Enterprise Cloud Adoption
  • The Tipping Point has been Reached
  • Gauging Enterprise Cloud Maturity
  • Top Public Cloud Use Cases
  • Cloud Challenges
  • Cloud Security – Still an Issue?
  • Shift in LoB Cloud Influence to Enterprise IT – Out of the Shadows?
  • Conclusion

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April 11, 2016

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