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Technical Insight: Cloud Data Protection – Terms and Definitions

The term “cloud data protection” is nebulous, touching a variety of IT service delivery options and sources for protection. In this report, Evaluator Group offers definitions for terms commonly seen in the industry, in the interest of facilitating smoother communication between IT professionals, business users, senior executives and vendors. Definitions are based on our research and conversations with customers and vendors alike. This report will be updated periodically to add new terms and guidance as well as make modifications to existing definitions as needed.

Cloud Data Protection Basics

The first important distinction to understand is that “cloud data protection” can refer both to what is being protected, and how the asset is being protected. That is, data protection capabilities such as backup software can be acquired as cloud-delivered services. Additionally, cloud-based sources of data need protection. It is possible for cloud-hosted data protection solutions to protect on-premises resources, and it is possible for on-premises data protection solutions to protect cloud-based sources of data.

The second important distinction to understand is the difference between cloud-hosted and managed services, as both are often referred to as “data protection-as-a-service” or “backup-as-a-service.”

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August 19, 2020

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