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Technical Insight: Clouds and Data Centers Converge

The Ever-Expanding World of IT Offered as-a-Service

It is now clear that enterprise IT users leverage the computational resources needed to further their business objectives from wherever they are available. Traditionally, those have resided in corporate data centers. But now, IT executives increasingly reach to public clouds for these resources, blending them with on premises computational investments they have already made. The result is a growing convergence of corporate data centers with public clouds that we can now call Distributed Clouds.

With this expansion came the realization that enterprise IT no longer had to own and support those resources internally in order to pursue business objectives. That realization is now changing their buying patterns, stimulating an emerging desire to acquire on premises cloud infrastructure in the same way they do with public clouds. Computing environments implemented as an on-premises service can offer users the same immediacy, scalability, and pay-per-use flexibility that users experience with public clouds – without the security, interoperability, and performance variability issues. Acquiring compute environments as a managed service can ease staffing burdens when manpower and operational expertise become issues. They also allow users to acquire the latest technology on an operational expenditure (OPEX), pay-as-you-need-it basis without having to commit capital resources to technology that will become increasingly obsolete.

It is now possible for IT executives to combine the business  benefits of Distributed Cloud with the speed and agility of acquiring IT as-a-service. Here we expand upon this concept and evaluate Kyndryl’s approach to delivering Distributed Cloud architectures as-a Service to enterprise IT users as a forward-looking example.

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October 14, 2021

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