Category (Intelligence): Market Studies

A year-in-review summary of the enterprise calling market from an analyst, vendor, and enterprise perspective. Cloud Calling continues to grow, but it has a long way to catch up to On-Premises Calling’s huge installed base. Futurum Intelligence estimates more On-Premises licenses went offline over the last few years (we can see this evidence in maintenance contracts) than new On-Premises licenses came online (we can see this evidence in vendor shipping reports). But even so, in 2021, new On-Premises license sales remained stronger than Cloud Calling. In fact, new On-Premises Calling licenses outsold Cloud Calling licenses by an estimated 50%. However, from an installed base perspective, Cloud Calling is growing, and On-Premises is in decline. This state of the market report covers highlights of 2021 market data, end user sentiment and intentions, and our insights and analysis of the current state of the enterprise calling market.
Hardware and Software Revenues & Forecast for Enterprise-Grade for in-room and hybrid wireless sharing and presentation systems. This forecast covers the worldwide market for suppliers of enterprise-grade in-room and hybrid wireless sharing and presentation systems. This market forecast covers education and business applications of meeting room hardware and software designed for content collaboration both in-room and remotely, covering the years 2020-2026. Futurum Intelligence reports the units, revenues and associated software licenses of wireless sharing and presentation systems typically deployed in-room for hybrid screen and content sharing. A growing number of vendors within this segment support both bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and meeting service endpoints for flexibility in the classroom or workplace. The report includes worldwide revenues (with the exception of the Chinese domestic market), unit shipments, and deployments by geography. Wireless Presentation Solutions: Airtame, Barco, BenQ, Cisco, Crestron, CrowdBeamer, DisplayNote, EZCast, Intel, Kramer, LifeSize, Mersive, Oblong, ScreenBeam, T1V, and Vizetto, as well as other vendors.
2021 was a whirlwind year for room-based collaboration and was defined by various trends of returning to “spaces of community.” Despite all the early debate, office spaces did not disappear. But for many they certainly changed. We returned to the office (somewhat) and our children returned to the classroom (thankfully.) These 10 charts use data and thought leadership to capture the character of 2021 - where hybrid work was the "New Normal" resulting in new definitions of "why," "when," and "where" we go to the office.