Keith Townsend

Chief Technology Advisor

Keith Townsend

Keith Townsend is a highly respected technology executive and a thought leader in the enterprise IT space. Boasting a Master’s in IT Project Management from DePaul University, Keith has cultivated over 25 years of rich, hands-on experience in enterprise technology. His career spans many roles, and he has made impactful contributions across various sectors, including media, manufacturing, the federal government, financial services, and management consulting.
With nearly two decades of practitioner experience, Keith currently serves as a Global Advisor at Futurum Group, where he leverages his extensive knowledge to guide organizations through the complexities of technological advancement and digital transformation.

Recognized for his profound expertise, Keith’s advisory services are in high demand. He has built a reputation for delivering valuable insights that resonate deeply with IT professionals and business leaders. Beyond his advisory role, Keith is also the creator and host of a highly respected podcast and producer of video content that tackles critical issues in technology. His ability to distill intricate technical concepts into understandable and actionable advice has earned him a loyal following and respect as a trusted voice in the technology community.

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