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Leading tech analysts from The Futurum Group share weekly deep dives on the latest tech news, new products and services, mergers, earnings, regulations, and more. The Futurum Tech Webcast will keep you current on what’s happening in the tech space — from startups to industry leaders, emerging tech and what’s ahead for industries across the globe, along with interviews with tech industry leaders and experts.

In this special edition of Futurum Tech Podcast, we give a longer review of recent edge computing research and then we follow it up talking about recent trips to the Moon. We're talking blockchain AI. We're talking about Microsoft passing Apple. And we talk about are we getting too much recognition from our friends at Amazon? This and so much more on Futurum Tech Podcast.
On this edition of the Futurum Tech Podcast, should we really break up big tech, a case study shows that AI-connected vehicles and predictive modeling can result in fewer traffic accidents, finding your missing smartphone gets a lot easier, Facebook again cannot get out of its own way, and have we reached the upper limit of smartphone price elasticity?
On this edition of Futurum Tech Podcast we talk about Amazon HQ2. Was it a good deal? Was it a bad one? We also talk Blackberry, Volkswagen, Dell Technologies, and a whole lot more. Tune in now for Futurum Tech Podcast.
On this edition of the Futurum Tech Podcast, why flexible screens are the future, but folding phones probably aren't. Disney Plus, Disney's streaming content strategy gets investors very excited for the future. Some buyer beware, how technology can drive Deep Fake news. Harley Davidson's hot new electric bike, is it the future for Harley Davidson? And news from the wild, wild west of the post net neutrality era.
On this edition of FTP, the Futurum Tech Podcast, we tear apart IBM's acquisition of RedHat as they look to become a different type of cloud company. Plus Apple's big mini event, the security risk of application extensions, Google versus Apple maps, Facebook's failure to promote political transparency and 45 minutes of much, much more.