The Integration of AI and ML into Financial Management Systems Offers Substantial Benefits to Technology Companies

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The pace of business transformation is accelerating, and technology companies are increasingly looking for strategies and technologies that will not only help companies keep up with the day-to-day minutiae of keeping a business on-track but will also support their strategies to scale and grow revenue. With the challenging macro forces such as global economic uncertainty and the war for talent, internal functions such as operations, finance, and human resources are facing an increasing number of problems to solve, while contending with unprecedented transformation in the work world.

Finance continues to be a pivotal concern within strategy and every decision an organization makes. The modernization of finance faces many challenges, while needing to be a solid force of support and growth. The adoption of AI and ML in finance will be an absolute necessity as the urgency of modernization increases, there is more incoming data to ingest, and added pressures to manage risk and increase efficiencies.

In our latest research brief, The Integration of AI and ML into Financial Management Systems Offers Substantial Benefits to Technology Companies, done in partnership with Workday, we analyze the current approach to modernization and the challenges facing enterprises in today’s climate of fast-paced disruption, economic turbulence and labor challenges. How can businesses improve the flow of daily activities, scale for growth, and also bridge the skill gap needed to take advantage of the opportunities presented by AI and ML without increasing their risk of exposure to security threats?

In this brief you’ll learn:

  • The current modernization challenges facing tech companies
  • How AI & ML can resolve friction points in tech company financial management
  • The key areas to consider when evaluating digital solutions for Financial Management
  • The importance of ethics, privacy and transparency in AI/ML solutions
  • An overview of Workday’s Embedded AI and ML Financial Management Suite

As today’s enterprises seek to integrate AI and ML into their operations and move away from legacy technologies and processes, many require the help of trusted partner with expertise they can rely on to provide support along the way. Workday offers a solution, approach and expertise that can help technology companies do just that. If you are interested in learning more, be sure to download your copy of The Integration of AI and ML into Financial Management Systems Offers Substantial Benefits to Technology Companies, today.

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She brings more than 20 years of experience in technology research and marketing; prior to her current role, she was a Research Analyst at Omdia, authoring market and ecosystem reports on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and User Interface technologies. Sherril was previously Manager of Market Research at Intrado Life and Safety, providing competitive analysis and intelligence, business development support, and analyst relations.

Sherril holds a Master of Business Administration in Marketing from University of Colorado, Boulder and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Rutgers University.