Enhancing Employee Experience with Logitech’s AI-Enabled Features

Enhancing Employee Experience with Logitech's AI-Enabled Features

Facilitating meaningful communication, collaboration, and connection in hybrid or remote work environments is one of the major challenges facing today’s business leaders. As companies compete for talent and adapt to new ways of working, business leaders, IT decision makers, and chief experience officers (CxOs) must be able to anticipate, understand, and stay current on new technology advancements, to ensure communication and collaboration technology supports and enhances the employee experience. 

Furthermore, today’s hybrid and remote work environments are introducing several new challenges and scenarios that can impact the ability of workers to communicate, collaborate, and connect with customers, partners, and other employees. These new work patterns and environments are driving the creation of new technologies that go beyond traditional video calls to support workers.

A technological transition of this magnitude will require a mindset shift for both IT and business leaders and will require leveraging both existing and emerging technologies to create an efficient, cooperative culture in remote and hybrid work settings. With hybrid work becoming more prevalent, the technology experiences provided by employers will largely define the overall employee experience because technology and workplace tools have essentially become the new physical workplace. These technological experiences are central to attracting and retaining talent, cultivating workplace culture, and driving productivity.

In this eBook, Enhancing Employee Experience with Logitech’s AI-Enabled Features, we explore how Logitech leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to transform conference cameras into intelligent devices to improve meeting experiences, focusing on improving participant equity, engagement, and overall audiovisual experience.

In this brief, you will learn:

  • The impact of a negative employee experience on a businesses cost structure, revenue, and ability to attract and retain quality employees
  • The importance of creating engaging and equitable meeting experiences
  • The key Logitech capabilities offered through its hardware and software to improve meeting experiences
  • The power of AI to serve as a catalyst for enabling better employee experiences

Download your copy of Enhancing Employee Experience with Logitech’s AI-Enabled Features to learn how to enable better meetings and collaboration through the use of advanced AI-powered technologies built into Logitech’s collaboration devices.

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