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Lab Insight: Integrated Data Protection for All-Flash Arrays Supporting Enterprise Applications

Critical enterprise applications continue to push the boundaries of IT Infrastructure around performance, scalability, resiliency and cost. Modern all-flash storage arrays have made significant strides in addressing these requirements. However, critical applications also require protection from human or application errors as well as protection from system failures and disasters. Often times, this protection requires using multiple products and tools which can lead to a disjointed and overlapping approach to data protection with performance penalties that detract from all-flash performance. In addition, using multiple tools and products often results in multiple copies of data, an inefficiency that adds to costs and management overhead.

An emerging concept that offers a more holistic approach to managing data protection including replication copies, snapshots, and backups is known as Integrated Data Protection. Combining this concept with backup technologies that can create data copies efficiently also plays an important part of Integrated Data Protection. A comprehensive data protection solution will leverage multiple technologies to ensure applications have the necessary local and remote protection they require, without excess data copies adding to storage cost and complexity. Another benefit from improved management of protection copies is the ability for organizations to leverage these copies for analytics, development, testing or other needs.

In order to validate HPE’s data protection tools HPE asked two leading industry analyst firms with extensive lab capabilities, Evaluator Group and Demartek, to assess application performance and availability utilizing HPE 3PAR Storage, HPE StoreOnce and RMC data protection products. These technologies provide comprehensive data protection with an integrated approach (Figure 1 on page 2).

The objectives of this evaluation were to:

  • Understand how data protection options impact application performance and recovery objectives
  • Evaluate data protection options for utilizing data copies for additional purposes, such as local andremote testing and development
  • Determine the RTO and RPO levels achievable when using HPE data protection technologies

The results of testing showed Hewlett Packard Enterprise data protection tools operate independently, but also work together to help provide a more complete set of data protection capabilities. Noted capabilities include the ability for HPE 3PAR arrays to copy snapshot protection points to HPE StoreOnce appliance while also replicating to remote locations. Additionally, HPE Recovery Manager Central software provides the ability to create array-based snapshot copies and integration for protecting VMs and database applications. Finally, HPE 3PAR supports multiple protection options, enabling IT administrators to match the systems capabilities to application protection and DR requirements.

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September 25, 2018

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