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Lab Insight: Efficient Hybrid-Cloud Data Protection using Datrium Cloud DVX

Datrium provides converged compute and storage systems designed to provide simplicity without the restrictions that many hyperconverged solutions impose. By decoupling active data from durable capacity, Datrium DVX enables compute and storage performance expansion separate from storage capacity expandability. In a previous paper, Evaluator Group reviewed Datrium’s DVX benchmark results and system architecture that helped it achieve the highest performance of any converged or hyperconverged system tested to date.1

In this paper we tested Datrium with a focus on data protection and the overall usability of DVX for common administrative tasks. Additionally, Datrium has integrated data protection features that enable organizations to create and maintain protected copies of data on-site and replicated copies at a secondary DR site, including an option for retention in the cloud (Amazon Web Services) with Cloud DVX.

The evaluation was performed in Evaluator Group’s lab, utilizing Evaluator Group compute nodes with Datrium DVX software, together with two on-premise Datrium DVX data nodes. Additionally, an instance of Datrium Cloud DVX running in Amazon AWS was used for replicating off-site protected data copies. The areas of evaluation were usability, data protection and recoverability features, including disaster recovery in a hybrid cloud. Other aspects of the evaluation included evaluating the processes used for protection, and any performance impact of data protection operations.

Key Findings:

  • DVX required no training and was accessible by both VM and storage administrators
  • The single point of access enabled managing all aspects of Datrium compute and storage instances, including VM level storage performance and data protection
  • Initial configuration of a DVX was intuitive, took less than an hour
  • Policies for local or remote protection (including cloud) took no more than three clicks in the UI
  • Creation of data protection had no performance impact
  • Recovery options included the ability to instantly recover from protection points on a local DVX, or recover from copies located on a secondary or a Cloud DVX system
  • Granular recovery at a VM or virtual disks level was successfully tested
  • Monitoring provided insight on a per disk, VM, host or storage system basis

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October 23, 2018

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