Category: Sustainability, Markets, and Policy

In the last few years, the desire to see programs, services, and investments that make a difference in the environment and the world are becoming an increasingly larger part of the CX conversation--especially for large global brands.
Amazon continues its climate commitment and furthers communication and investment with a new $2 billion fund and data from its 2019 sustainability efforts
Amazon is continuing to step up its climate initiatives bringing on Infosys to join in its commitment to meet Paris agreement requirements 10 years early.
This past week, Intel delivered an update to include a vision of corporate responsibility for the next 10 years and how it planned to look in the year 2030.
The FCC crackdown on location data abuses by US wireless carriers sends dangerous message on customer privacy, but it's a pretty significant win for carriers and tech companies. Here's a look at all the things that are wrong with that.
After much debate and waffling, Britain has decided to allow Huawei to participate in its 5G rollout as long as its participation is less than 35%.
Microsoft’s commitment to going carbon negative is an important commitment from one of the world’s largest companies. Exploring the implications of the announcement
As Shure and ClearOne battle over a ceiling microphone a bigger problem is brewing in the background. The future of tech patents.