Responsible Artificial Intelligence: Dell Data Protection for AI Applications

Dell Responsible Artificial Intelligence

Recent advancements in AI have led to significant interest in the technology from organizations across a wide spectrum of industries. Initial development of AI applications has been limited, with organizations exploring what is possible and understanding the requirements for deployment. As development progresses, however, the role of AI will become increasingly vital. AI technology holds potential to dramatically enhance, optimize, and change critical business practices– and with that, IT organizations must ensure practices around data privacy, compliance, and regulatory requirements are maintained. The importance of responsible AI cannot be understated, from low stakes proof-of-concepts to mission-critical applications.

As AI transitions from experimental development into powering increasingly critical business applications, organizations must be aware of the associated data protection and security requirements. Our latest research brief, Responsible Artificial Intelligence: Dell Data Protection for AI Applications– done in partnership with Dell Technologies– explores AI’s increasing need for data protection and cyber security, the unique protection requirements for AI, and how Dell’s data protection portfolio can be leveraged to meet these data protection needs. 

This Research Brief discusses:

  • The important role of data protection for AI applications
  • Protection considerations for AI data sources and data models
  • Data Privacy, Compliance and Regulation considerations
  • Protecting AI with Dell Technologies

The importance of data protection and cybersecurity for mission-critical workloads is not a new concept, and IT organizations are familiar with the approaches and best practices required. While many existing data protection practices still apply, AI applications have specific data protection and security requirements to consider. IT organizations must recognize the increasingly critical nature of these new AI applications and understand the unique requirements for protecting them. If you are interested in learning more, download your copy of Responsible Artificial Intelligence: Dell Data Protection for AI Applications, today.

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