Market Insight Report: Private 5G Networks – Hyperscaler Cloud Providers

Private 5G Networks – Hyperscaler Cloud Providers

The private 5G network market consists of nonpublic mobile networks that can use licensed, unlicensed, or shared spectrum. Private 5G networks are developed to augment existing capabilities and provide new capabilities that other systems are unable to deliver. As with all 5G networks, private 5G enhances or replaces 4G/LTE in the next generation of wireless mobile services by enabling higher throughput and lower latency connectivity. 

Accordingly, private 5G networks can deliver unimpeded gigabit speeds and extend coverage to remote areas and challenging environments. Private 5G networks are primarily deployed as standalone networks targeted at industrial operational assets and users and can be deployed for connected sites, such as field area networks, to support key use cases such as transportation and logistics. In our latest Market Insight Report, Private 5G Networks – Hyperscaler Cloud Providers, we focus on the HCP segment of the private 5G market. 

In the brief you’ll learn:

  • Why HCP private 5G networks are key to transforming business practices and improving business outcomes by enabling organizations to gather massive amounts of data about their operations and customers.
  • The top market shapers driving private 5G wireless HCP development goals and initiatives.
  • The HCP selection criteria used by private wireless network decision makers. 
  • The top private 5G Network HCP priorities and strategies expected to have the most impact throughout the enterprise and industrial ecosystem in the near-term.

The global private 5G market encompasses a vast and expanding array of players with hyperscale cloud providers playing an increasingly integral role. Although key aspects of private 5G resemble the public 5G networks provided by operators, the reduced latency and increased reliability of private 5G implementations can ensure that machine instrumentation can gain more sensors rapidly without the need for re-wiring. 

The Futurum Group finds that private 5G Networks are key to transforming business practices and improving business outcomes by enabling organizations to gather massive amounts of data about their operations and customers. Through private 5G networks, we see industrial organizations being able to improve their operations, boost productivity, and deliver better products and services. If you are interested in learning more, be sure to download your copy of Private 5G Networks – Hyperscaler Cloud Providers, today.

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