Image Generation Technology for Enterprise Use

Market Insight Report Image Generation Technology for Enterprise Use


One area that has captured the attention of both business professionals and consumers is the use of text-to-image services, which harness the power of generative AI to create images based on textual descriptions. Beyond the wow factor, these new services are likely to have a massive impact on the market, in terms of their ability to speed up asset production, enabling the creation of exponentially more personalized content. However, in the relatively short time these services have been available, significant questions around content authenticity, bias and toxicity, accuracy, and appropriate use have arisen, which may impact the speed of adoption, particularly within commercial settings.

Despite these challenges, these tools rapidly evolve and hold immense potential for various applications, use cases, and industries. Text-to-image generators can unlock significant creativity by professional designers, as well as those with more limited design or creativity skills. Moreover, because generative AI allows the creation of full images without requiring manual creation skills, content creation can be massively scaled, resulting in more efficiency and productivity.

In our latest Market Insight Report, Image Generation Technology for Enterprise Use, we define the technology that enables text-to-image generation, cover the potential use cases and benefits of the technology, discuss the technical models and processes behind the technology, explore the risks involved with using the technology, and focus on the current and future commercial market for the technology.

In this report, you will learn:

  • How text-to-image generation technology is positioned, marketed, and sold
  • Key capabilities of text-to-image generators
  • A technical breakdown of how the technology works
  • Insight into how the technology can be used in a commercial environment
  • Which text-to-image generation platforms have established a presence in the market among enterprise customers
  • Key risks and risk-mitigation strategies

Text-to-image generation tools open up a wide range of commercial use cases. The low-hanging fruit is, of course, the ability to quickly generate content for marketing or merchandising campaigns, including hundreds, thousands, or even millions of variations that are used to create completely personalized marketing or sales campaigns. Ultimately, by creating context and personalizing that content, customers, whether B2C or B2B, will experience a much more relevant experience, thereby improving customer acquisition, loyalty, and retention rates, as well as maximizing cross-sell and upsell opportunities. To learn more, download your copy of Image Generation Technology for Enterprise Use, today.

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