The Futurum Group Unveils AI-Powered Futurum CXO Insights Platform

  • Designed for the C-Suite, Futurum CXO Insights will serve as a groundbreaking self-serve advisory data cloud powered and aided by AI
  • Platform will integrate survey responses and real-time analysis reflecting buyers’ sentiment and areas of demand
  • Futurum CXO Insights gathers inputs from a screened, member-only council, with many members coming from executive education programs of the world’s leading universities including the University of Pennsylvania, University of California Berkeley, Columbia University, and New York University, among others
  • Insights from the platform are accessible to council members and to technology vendors


Austin, Tex., June 21, 2023 The Futurum Group today has announced the upcoming Futurum CXO Insights. The groundbreaking AI-powered research and advisory service is designed specifically for C-suite professionals focused on IT, Technology, and Digital Transformation.

Futurum CXO Insights offers unparalleled insights and intelligence to CXOs and technology vendors.

  • CXOs gain knowledge to make informed decisions about business and technology investments, stay ahead of the competition, and drive growth and innovation.
  • Technology vendors gain a unique perspective on the sentiment and mindset of potential buyers.

With a proprietary council membership and authentic content database, AI-powered insight generation, and on-demand generative AI-based analysis, all users have access to the latest thinking based on data received from council members.

Futurum CXO Insights’ council members are carefully screened to ensure they represent the seniority and quality experiences needed to deliver the best market insights. Many council members are drawn from C-suite level executive education programs at the world’s leading universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, University of California Berkeley, Columbia University, New York University, and others. Council members are rewarded for their participation with access to the data and insights generated by Futurum CXO Insights.

David Nicholson, the Principal Advisor of Futurum CXO Insights, is also the President of DNA Consulting, serves as adjunct faculty for the Wharton CTO and Digital Transformation Academies, and regularly appears as guest lecturer at Cambridge Judge Business School’s CTO program.

“With Futurum CXO Insights, you’ll have access to the latest and greatest thinking about what’s happening in real time to better inform your market research and analysis, competitive intelligence, thought leadership and trend analysis, and strategic planning and consulting,” shares David. “Unlike legacy analyst firms that report static data that is often stale upon release, Futurum CXO Insights regularly analyzes ongoing survey data and queries against the tool itself to identify trends and insights. In short, Futurum CXO Insights is your destination for trusted, cutting-edge, real-time advice from industry leaders.”

Futurum CXO Insights councils are forming now, with the first surveys planned for later this year. Access to insights is planned to be available in early 2024.

To learn more, sign up to become a council member, or sign up to gain access to insights, please visit: