The Futurum Group Pioneers With Generative AI, Introduces World’s First ‘AI Analyst’ in B2B Space

  • Debuted as ‘FuturumAI’, services to include three Generative AI Services for world’s tech companies 
  • Beta invitation waitlist to remain open through September 2023, with early users granted access in Q4
  • The Futurum Group is the world’s largest independent tech analyst and research firm in the $9.4B research and consulting market


Austin, Texas, May 16, 2023 – The Futurum Group, the world’s fastest growing high-tech research-led demand generation firm, has announced their debut into Generative AI, named ‘Futurum.AI’.

“With the rapid onset of generative AI, information services like high tech industry research are going to change at an exponential rate,” according to The Futurum Group CEO Daniel Newman. “Futurum.AI is designed to enable our clients to have ready access to insights, research, intelligence, and demand generation capabilities with the responsiveness and easy, conversational access that AI can provide.”

Futurum.AI will include cutting-edge AI-powered interactive tools that leverage continuously trained generative AI transformer models and the data of tens of thousands of Futurum research reports, articles, digital and social media, podcasts, television appearances, market intelligence, and public custom content. Planned Futurum.AI services include Futurum.AI-Advisory, Futurum.AI-Analytics, and Futurum.AI-Demand.


The Futurum.AI Suite:

  • Futurum.AI-Advisory: Vendors and buyers will be able to instantly interact with Futurum’s Generative AI serving as a powerful analyst, offering viewpoints, sentiment, comparative and competitive takes, and more. :
  • Futurum.AI-Analytics: The Futurum Group’s clients will be able to measure the impact of their research, analysis, and digital assets in real time.
  • Futurum.AI-Demand: Futurum.AI-Demand’s AI-led workflow and powerful market intelligence rapidly produces marketing collateral based on custom research or content, tailored to resonate with your target audience, and designed to drive measurable demand.


Adds Newman, “It’s an incredibly exciting time to be in the tech industry. We are only beginning to see the tremendous value that AI can provide, and at The Futurum Group we seek to be on the forefront of applying generative AI while also being a leading voice on important topics like AI ethics, responsibility, policy, and governance.”

Futurum.AI’s waitlist for Beta invitations is accessible at and will remain accessible through September 13, 2023. Qualifying users will be granted Beta access in Q4, 2023;