Telesign: Consumer Fear of Digital Fraud is Rising but All Trust is Not Lost

The news: Customer identity solutions provider Telesign released its 2023 Telesign Trust Index, which showed that consumer fear of digital fraud is growing. All is not lost, however. The company also announced it is launching a new Continuous Trust™ Authority initiative to help make the digital world safer. Read the full announcement and the report here.

Telesign: Consumer Fear of Digital Fraud is Rising but All Trust is Not Lost

Analyst take: The most we can hope for as technologists is that when we see a potential digital issue, we attempt to fix it as a community. That’s exactly what Telesign is seeking to do with its Continuous Trust™ Authority program, and I hope it gains legs.

Telesign’s 2023 Telesign Trust Index was released May 11, and it was eye-opening. The study showed that online users are increasingly concerned about digital fraud. In fact, many said they’d rather be audited by the IRS than find themselves a digital fraud victim. At the same time, 70 percent of those surveyed agreed that businesses are the ones responsible for protecting the digital privacy of their customers. Nearly half said they would inform friends and family to no longer associate with a brand if a breach of personal data occurred.

None of the Trust Index findings are particularly shocking. We’ve known that digital fraud is increasing and that customers are holding brands responsible for keeping their data safe. The surprising part is that even with blockchain, two-factor authentication, and a growing number of international data privacy practices in place, we’re still dealing with an increase in digital fraud. Clearly, we need something bigger and more sweeping. That’s where Telesign’s Continuous TrustTM Authority program comes in.

Why We Like It

It’s practical. As part of the program, Telesign will award a symbol of digital trust to companies that create strong fraud protection standards not just in a single spot (i.e. during log-in or checkout), but throughout the entire customer journey. This allows consumers to shop more confidently online, knowing that the brands they choose to buy from have been pre-vetted by Telesign. The company is also set to create a new Trust Alliance, a group of experts in trust and digital identity who will work together to create best practices regarding fraud prevention and work with brands to create more trustworthy platforms in the digital sphere.

Will Telesign’s new report and Continuous Trust™ Authority program end digital fraud? Of course not. There will always be dangers when operating in a digital space. However, the more we in the technology sphere work together to establish standards, adhere to data privacy laws, and find new ways to tighten the digital marketplace, the closer we’ll be to creating a truly safe digital world.

Interested in becoming a business verified by the Continuous Trust™ Authority? Visit here for more information.

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