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Technical Insight: Key CIO and IT Operations Trends

The trends discussed in this Technical Insight are a result of imperatives for Information Technology that are impacting business or organizational goals. CIOs and IT operations must deal with these imperatives, addressing with solutions or approaches. First, the imperatives need to have some context for understanding – these are not just social direction, behaviors, or a top ten list. They are real issues that are directly affecting their organizations, either in continuing to operate effectively or being able to move forward in a planned direction. The amount of impact or hindrance to meet directional goals require actions and the approaches become key trends for CIOs and IT operations.

The imperatives are not necessarily the same for all organizations’ CIOs and IT operations but the ones listed in this Technical Insight are generally the case. The information comes from our work with IT clients and not a survey – so real, live issues. First hand information brings nuance and personal insights from the leaders of these organizations. The order of the imperatives and trends listed is based on the importance from issues raised. None of these should be surprising. This information is from direct interaction.

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June 1, 2023

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