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Technical Insight: Data Protection Cost Considerations

Evaluating 3-2-1 Backup Strategies

Evaluator Group’s 3-2-1 Data Protection Model is an economic modeling tool that illustrates the potential cost implications of a number of variables pertaining to 3-2-1 data protection solutions. While there are many possible variations of 3-2-1 data protection, this model depicts a general solution, shown in the diagram below:

Figure 1: Basic 3-2-1 Data Protection Diagram

The above diagram shows two backup copies stored on different media, one of which is storing full backup copies, and the other storing a full copy with incrementals. An additional copy, which can be created from either the full copies or incrementals, is stored in an offsite location for long term retention. A more detailed discussion of 3-2-1 data protection design, benefits, and implementation can be found in Evaluator Group’s 3-2-1 In the Age of Ransomware technical whitepaper. This paper serves to discuss the cost considerations involved in such a data protection method as shown in the economic model.

3-2-1 Data Protection Model

The 3-2-1 data protection model, depicted below, shows a cumulative cost for several data protection variables, a more granular storage-only cost of the three backup copies used in the 3-2-1 method, and a cost breakdown of included costs by year. (click the image to access the model)

Click on the image to access the dynamic 3-2-1 Data Protection Model

As can be seen, this model contains a number of user changeable variables, all of which have an impact on the cost of protecting data and should be considered when implementing a data protection solution.

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May 10, 2021

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