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Technical Insight: Availability Assurance for Complex, Multivendor Storage Environments


Today’s storage environment is more diverse than ever, presenting challenges as administrators contend with managing data in an increasingly diverse environment. Added to the ever-present SAN and IBM zOS storage environments are disaggregated storage architectures used for HCI and distributed databases, as well as increasingly important persistent storage for containers.

It is in this increasingly diverse enterprise storage environment where IT is tasked to proactively manage risks posed by data loss and application outages. Proactive management includes developing proficiency in being warned of potential issues and the root causes for these warnings. It also means building continuous observability into the enterprise storage environment so that IT has the ability to react to issues as they are detected as well as mitigate the possibility of future events. We call this capability Availability Assurance and IntelliMagic Vision’s Software as a Service is an example that we will focus on in this paper.

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February 14, 2022

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