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Storage Evaluation Guide Overview

The Evaluator Group: Evaluation Guide Overview is the first in a series of Evaluation Guides that will compare multiple storage approaches and offerings available to businesses today; empowering users to make an educated decision when purchasing and deploying enterprise data storage.

Table of Contents:

Evaluation Guide Overview

Storage Solutions

Primary Storage

Host Type

Storage Connectivity

Standard RAID Levels

Nested RAID Levels

Software and non-standard RAID levels

Storage Connectivity

Direct-Attached Storage (DAS)

Storage Area Network (SAN)

Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

Multi-Protocol or Unified Storage

Data Protection

Data Replication and Mirroring

Tape Backup

Virtual Tape & Backup to Disk

Online Backup and Cloud Storage


Traditional Archive

Compliance & WORM Archive

Storage Software

Data Protection and Recovery

Storage Replication

Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM)

Storage Management

Storage File Systems

Newer Storage Technologies.


Data Deduplication.

Solid State Storage – NAND Flash Technology

New Storage Interfaces and Protocols

Evaluator Group Evaluation Guides


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