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Pure Accelerate 2022 – Industry Snapshot

Pure Storage Accelerate 2022

Pure Storage used its first in-person Accelerate customer and partner conference since 2019 to present its vision for what CEO Charlie Giancarlo calls the second stage of growth for the all-flash storage company.

Giancarlo attributed Pure’s first stage of growth to its entering the all-flash market at the right time (2011) and the right product (FlashArray block storage). Buoyed by a 50% year-over-year growth in revenue to $620 million last quarter, Pure is poised to enter the second stage based on a wider portfolio of products with hopes of landing more large enterprises and hyperscalers as customers.

The plan for stage 2 growth includes pushing more into file and container-native storage, expanding consumption-based pricing options, and achieving greater energy efficiency to attract customers seeking to use less power and space. Pure executives claim while its competitors see storage as a commodity, they are dedicated to innovating around flash, sustainability and cloud-native storage. Pure pledged to spend 20% of revenue on research and development to fund that innovation. It has stuck to its founding goal of driving hard disk drives out of enterprise storage, and acquired Portworx in 2020 to address container-native storage.

At Accelerate, Pure made two announcements designed to help it fulfill its stage two goals: an addition to its FlashBlade file/object storage platform and a rebranding and expansion of its Evergreen asa-service model.

Pure also demonstrated Portworx Data Services and Backup-as-aService that it launched at KubeCon earlier this month.

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June 10, 2022

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