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Quantum Lattus – Product Brief

Quantum Lattus provides object storage to address the extreme scaling of unstructured data. Quantum has been targeting a number of vertical markets with StorNext, tape, and disk-based systems previously and now offers Lattus to meet the scaling, durability, and cost requirements as the demands have progressed.

Usage areas for Lattus mentioned by Quantum include archiving information for big data analytics, shared access storage for collaboration across geographies, and as a content repository for video assets, research, telemetry, and logging data.

The Quantum Lattus system provides for object and file-based storage and has three underlying components for the system offerings:

• Lattus A10 Access Controller for Lattus-X only
— Provides NFS and CIFS/SMB access
— Included in-memory caching for performance
acceleration— Supports up to 400 million files per node

• Lattus C5 / C10 Controllers
— Provides object access using S3 or custom API over HTTP/REST protocol
— Manages and controls information dispersal using forward error correction with erasure code across storage nodes
— Manages federation of multiple nodes for high availability

• Lattus S20 / S30 Storage Node
— Manages data storage on 12 drives and 48 or 72 TB of raw capacity
— Stores object data in local file systemQuantum Lattus has three offerings: Lattus-X, Lattus-D, and Lattus-M. A graphic describing the offerings is included in the appendix.Quantum Lattus Product Brief Includes:

EvaluScale Product Review Methodology
Evaluator Group Opinion

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December 4, 2019


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