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Lab Insight: HPE Alletra 6000 Series: Performance Architecture for Next Gen Workloads

Business Requirements for New Workloads

In working with our IT clients, we at Evaluator Group are reminded of the challenges companies encounter as they are adopting hybrid, multi cloud computing while also transitioning to support containerized applications alongside their traditional applications and infrastructure. Simultaneously, CIO’s and IT departments are balancing corporate requirements for digital transformation with security, data governance and other needs.

While these challenges are significant, the need for modern IT equipment designed to support new and emerging workloads remains constant. At the core of many IT projects is information and data management, which is becoming increasingly critical for nearly every organization. Finally, companies are always striving to improve their efficiency, which in turn demands ever greater system efficiency of their IT resources.

Several key technology enhancements allow storage systems to deliver higher processing rates in order to keep pace with the tremendous gains provided by recent updates to processors, memory and other technologies. New HPE servers are using the latest generation of processors, memory and I/O bus architectures to drive higher application processing rates.

Similarly, the latest generation of HPE Alletra 6000 storage systems are also using several next generation architectural components to improve storage processing, including AMD EPYCTM second generation processors along with PCIe Gen 4 and NVMe solid-state media.

Evaluator Group was asked to help compare the latest generation of HPE Alletra 6000 storage systems to their previous generation HPE Nimble Storage platforms, looking at both performance and pricing, to provide the relative price / performance levels of each platform

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June 12, 2023

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