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Hyperconverged in the Enterprise 2020 – Study Overview

When we conducted the first Evaluator Group study on Hyperconverged Infrastructures four years ago, HCI was still a solution chiefly for small and mid-sized companies. These companies loved how they could run every application they had on a single clustered infrastructure. Over the past three years, we have found something else out as well – enterprises want these same things.

Like it or not, and enterprises do, HCI is a good solution for most of the virtualized workloads that a company runs. There are some areas where enterprise IT is not adopting HCI, but that list keeps shrinking. In fact, when asked which workloads they would NOT put on HCI, the most common response this year and last was “None”.

The Rule, not the Exception

Over these past 3 years, issues like maturity, stability and creating silos have diminished as enterprises are using HCI for databases and other mission critical applications. HCI is being used to replace existing infrastructure, 2-to-1 over new projects. Where HCI was once the exception in the enterprise, it has become the rule.

Enterprise IT has moved on from questions about where they could deploy HCI to questions about where else they can use it. Now they’re asking about HCI for hybrid cloud, edge computing, backup, disaster recovery and Kubernetes.

In this year’s study, we strove to compare the past results with currently collected data to show how things are changing in IT organizations. We asked what the drivers for their HCI projects are, which HCI products they bought or are evaluating and how they made their decision. And, we asked which workloads they put on HCI, which features they valued the most and what they wanted to see. Finally, we asked which workloads they would NOT put on HCI and what the overall drawbacks were to this technology.

Download our free Research Study overview and full table of contents. The overview includes:

  • Research Study Objectives
  • Key Findings
  • Structure of the Research
  • Audience for the Research Study
  • Vendors and Products Mentioned
  • Table of Contents
  • Table of Figures

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December 8, 2020

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