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FalconStor STORSAFE VTL – Product Brief

FalconStor StorSafe Virtual Tape Library (VTL) is the next generation of FalconStor’s VTL product offering and architecture.

StorSafe emulates physical tape libraries, writing to a disk system (typically either SAN or object) to deliver tape-based backup and archives at a faster speed. It is software-defined, meaning that it does not have dependencies on specific underlying hardware and is deployable on industry-standard servers or VMs located on-premises or in the cloud. Users can customize hardware configurations without vendor lock-in, and an independent upgrade path allows compute, storage, conductivity, and application software to be updated flexibly as needed.

In being a VTL, StorSafe presents as an industry-standard physical tape library over iSCSI or Fibre Channel to on-premises disk arrays and on-premises object storage solutions. For air-gapping and long-term retention purposes, data can be exported to physical tape systems, or it can be automatically tiered to cloud object storage targets hosted by managed service providers (MSPs) or public cloud providers (Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Wasabi) through FalconStor’s Secure Data Containers capability. The solution supports a number of data protection software offerings, including IBM i Backup, Recovery & Media Services (BRMS) for modernization purposes.

StorSafe can scale from a single VM to up to nine servers. For high availability (HA), the solution can be deployed in two active-active pairs, with a witness node for a 4+1 HA cluster. Per FalconStore, backup speeds of up to 40TB/hour per node, for performance of up to 160 TB/hour in a four-node configuration. To further support data availability, data can be continuously replicated to a twin StorSafe array.

FalconStor StoreSafe VTL Product Brief Includes:

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Usage and Depoloyment
  • EvaluScale Table
  • Evaluator Group’s Opinion

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January 16, 2023


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