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Dell EMC Flex On Demand and Managed Storage Services – Product Brief

In keeping with user demand for pay-as-you-go, OPEX-leveraged storage acquisition alternatives, Dell EMC offers a flexible capacity usage-driven model called Flex on Demand as well as a separate Managed Storage Services offering that delivers Dell EMC storage infrastructure as a managed service. Flex on Demand is a product of Dell Financial Services, whereas Managed Storage Services delivers storage and management services combined into one offering delivered by Dell EMC.

Flex on Demand

Flex on Demand is backed by Dell EMC’s Financial Services organization and is available worldwide. It allows customers to order, implement and use Dell EMC’s storage technology on a pay-for-capacity use basis and without the encumbrances of a CAPEX acquisition process. Pre-configured technology is delivered and installed, ready for use. Automated tools assist customers in managing the storage environment and monitoring capacity usage. The minimum contract term is three years with a minimum transaction size of $100K (exceptions for Unity and XtremIO).

Flex on Demand offers customers the opportunity to match payment for Dell EMC storage resources with actual capacity usage. Under Flex on Demand, the customer establishes with Dell EMC a “Committed Capacity” that reflects the minimum capacity a customer expects to use over the term of the contract and pays for that capacity as a minimum monthly payment. In addition, a “Buffer Capacity” is added on and sized to account for peak usage periods. The Buffer is charged for when used. Charges for Buffer Capacity will vary with monthly usage (up or down) while customers pay a fixed rate for Committed Capacity throughout the term. In either case, the monthly rates are the same.

Dell EMC Flex On Demand and Managed Storage Storage Product Brief contains:

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Flex on Demand
  • Managed Services and Services for Storage
  • EvaluScale Table
  • Evaluator Group’s Opinion

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December 21, 2020


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