Author: Fred McClimans

Microsoft has confirmed a significant security breach of its Exchange email servers and the theft of private emails from businesses, organizations, and government agencies around the world. Futurum’s Fred McClimans breaks down the timeline and what we know so far, and also discusses the behavior issue organizations face regarding on-premises systems.
Yac, a provider of voice-based collaboration tools, has raised a new round of investment from GGV Capital and the Slack Fund. Futurum’s Fred McClimans discusses the potential of voice-based messaging as part of enterprise collaboration and why this approach is worth exploring further.
With its recent fundraising round, RPA giant UiPath has hit a $35 Billion post-money valuation. Futurum’s Fred McClimans walks through the big hits of 2020 for the company, as well as the role the global pandemic has played in the rise in popularity in general for automation software.
From consumer CX to industrial applications, from creating more immersive experiences to bringing accessibility to people with disabilities, the Mudra Band was one of the highlights of this year’s virtual CES show for Futurum’s Fred McClimans. He writes, “I think this tech has tremendous potential and expect it to play a significant role in our daily lives, perhaps sooner than many might have anticipated.”
In this episode of the Futurum Tech Webcast, analysts Fred McClimans and Shelly Kramer explore the topic of future proofing the enterprise in ways that truly transform operations (think supply chain, data center operations, security operations and beyond) in order to make the business as a whole more resilient and more agile moving forward.
This week’s episode of the Futurum Tech Podcas included analysts Daniel Newman, Fred McClimans and Sarah Wallace. We discussed the collaboration and e-learning opportunities that may arise from the coronavirus outbreak. We also covered financial cloud startup Thought Machine receiving next round of funding, Cisco Webex’s global support of customers during this time, Elliott Management buying stake in Twitter, AT&T launching its AT&T TV service nationwide and Microsoft entering the RPA space. Come on, have a listen. And if you’ve not yet subscribed, do — we cover all the tech news of the week in an easily digestible, definitely entertaining manner.
This week’s episode of the Futurum Tech Podcast features a discussion about the future of enterprise collaboration platforms, the fact that the age of CIOs is edging upwards (and why), Tencent’s move to acquire Funcom for $148M, the disclaimer that Accenture is requiring its YouTube content moderators to sign, acknowledging that the work might well come with a side does of serious PTSD, and other interesting tech news that you probably don’t want to miss.
In the latest episode of the Futurum Tech Podcast we take a main dive into the topic of Amazon, and whether we are looking at a company that might be described as America's newest military giant. We talk about Facebook playing favorite with news outlets in advance of its news page launch, Google Pixel 4's oops moment with its faulty facial recognition unlock feature, Huawei is in talks with US companies about potentially leasing its technologies and expertise to enable development of 5G capabilities, Apple has started selling its locally assembled XR phone in India in an attempt to gain traction in that market, and we touch on what impressed us most about the recent UiPath Forward conference in Las Vegas. This and much more on the Futurum Tech Podcast.
On this week's edition of the Futurum Tech Podcast, Amazon drone surveillance, friend or foe. Could US tech companies move production from China to Taiwan? European central bankers are taking a close look at Libra, Facebook's new cryptocurrency. And also updates about Google, Amazon, Foxconn, and more coming up on this episode of FTP.
There’s a right way to think about RPA. If you are looking at eliminating people or cutting costs with RPA, you're doing it wrong.