The Futurum Group's Statement on Israel

The Futurum Group extends its heartfelt prayers, wishes and thoughts to the Israeli nation and Jewish Diaspora.

The Futurum Group is proud to work with numerous companies and individuals who are headquartered or maintain significant R&D centers in Israel. Over the past few days, our Israeli counterparts and clients have been massively affected by the war and attacks, both personally and professionally, and we extend our thoughts and support as much as we can.

We are deeply saddened by the testimonies, stories and videos emerging, some of which hit close to home within the tech community. One touching story is that of Mellanox founder (now with NVIDIA) who was responsible for job creation for Palestinians, in the company’s R&D center. His daughter Danielle was murdered by Hamas at the music festival.

We stand by Israel’s right to defend its citizens, and for its existential need to actively fight and eliminate the threats surrounding it.

As the world’s champion of innovation, growth and synergies across technological industries, we are also observing the tech community’s reactions and initiatives. We are immensely impressed by the courageous show of leadership among many of the global tech companies like Salesforce, in issuing their support and statements of clear stance against terrorism. Additionally, various proactive measures stand out, with companies like Cisco offering up to $6,500 grant assisting each of their 800 employees in Israel, or a mind-blowing initiative by a group of diligent developers who just launched ‘DigitalDome’ (symbolizing a digital ‘Iron Dome’ system) – which tackles the digital battleground where fake news and misinformation run amok with insufficient regulation by platforms.

 The Futurum Group will continue to observe the tech community’s leadership in this space, and will give shout outs to some exceptional steps taken by these global players. Additionally, Futurum Media will launch a weekly spotlight series called “StartUp Nation Spotlight” – and interview personalities based in Israel for a 15 minute overview of their status and latest developments.

It is no secret that many of the world’s most innovative products, leaders and minds come from Israel. The past week’s events are of magnitude that no one can remain indifferent to. Praying for peaceful times. We strive to see the Israeli nation return to safety and good health, and await a safe return for the kidnapped civilians. May they all emerge with regained strength, energy, perseverance and the same resiliency we’re accustomed to seeing when working together.

We are supporting Israel personally & professionally through:

We thank you in advance for considering your ability to do the same,

Daniel Newman, CEO