Faster AI & Analytics: SAS Viya Outperforms the Competition

The importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for businesses is clear. Companies that leverage AI tools have distinct advantages over their peers, with AI Machine Learning (AI/ML) proving invaluable for finding and enabling insights buried within corporate data.  

SAS asked The Futurum Group to independently analyze and review the performance results of SAS Viya and several leading commercial and open-source AI/ML alternative options. The Futurum Group Lab worked together with SAS engineering teams to compare SAS Viya against competitive offerings. We ran over 1500 tests across different Azure Cloud architecture using identical instance types to provide accurate comparisons.

The Performance of SAS Viya was impressive, they didn't just outperform competing AI/ML libraries, they crushed the competition."
Russ Fellows
Principal Analyst | The Futurum Group

The executive summary and data sets from the testing are available for download now.

Download the Executive Summary

Download the Full Lab Insight Report

Testing Datasets

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