Dell AI PoC for Transportation & Logistics

Dell AI PoC for Transportation & Logistics

Recent developments in AI have brought a renewed interest to the technology and the potential value it holds for a wide range of different industries. While organizations are looking for practical ways to leverage new AI solutions, unfamiliarity with the technology can lead to challenges in both development and deployment. As part of Dell’s ongoing efforts to help make industry-leading AI workflows available to its clients, this paper outlines a sample AI solution for the transportation and logistics market.

Our latest Lab Insight Report, Dell AI PoC for Transportation & Logistics, outlines a Proof of Concept, developed by Scalers AI in partnership with Dell, Broadcom, and The Futurum Group, that showcases an AI powered application targeted at maritime shipping. The PoC demonstrates how AI and machine learning can address common maritime challenges including monitoring temperature and moisture fluctuations in cargo containers , as well as monitoring on board worker safety. It additionally showcases how a Large Language Model can be utilized to accelerate generation of an end of voyage compliance report.

This Lab Insight Report includes:

  • The importance of AI in transportation and logistics markets
  • A detailed overview of the PoC implementation
  • Key highlights for AI practitioners and IT operations
  • Performance findings of the PoC deployment

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