The Futurum Group Prepares for Rapid Growth and Market Expansion

AUSTIN, Texas, April 4, 2023–The Futurum Group has reorganized for its next phase of growth while streamlining its customer experience to make it easier to work with the new organization. Now a newly integrated company and entity, The Futurum Group offers business services, including industry research, market intelligence, validation, go-to-market consulting, and media for analyzing emerging and market-disrupting technologies while helping clients achieve successful bottom-line outcomes.

With a strong brand, global customer and market reach, and market demand for new options for research and analysis, this move positions the company for rapid changes in the business marketplace fueled by artificial intelligence and machine learning, IoT, cloud computing, 5G, blockchain, quantum information processing, and other disruptive technologies that are impacting business models and the way companies and industries operate.

“The Futurum Group has grown rapidly through a series of successful acquisitions, which has provided our customers with access to unprecedented talent, technology, and insights,” said Daniel Newman, CEO at The Futurum Group. “As we plan for future growth, this reorganization under a single parent brand sets us up to expand market presence, drive efficiencies, and provide our customers with the highest level of service, quality, and innovation. This will empower our customers to address the future of technology, media, and digital transformation.”

The Futurum Group aims to set the bar for measurable value and insights in a new influence paradigm, focusing on key areas including research, intelligence, validation, and media. As traditional IT and market research shifts toward analyst firms that can validate technology offerings using diverse mediums, the newly reorganized company is committed to being at the leading edge of this change. This transition will enable The Futurum Group to leverage its strategic acquisitions coupled with its organic business growth to enter a new phase as it establishes itself as the go-to source for research and analysis in the technology industry.

Integration of Business Units

Going forward, all business units will be integrated and operate as The Futurum Group. This includes recent strategic acquisitions of Dash NetworkEvaluator Group, and Wainhouse Research, which enriched the company’s portfolio with vast capabilities, including collaboration, contact center, information technology management and infrastructure, and customer experience. Through these acquisitions, the company also gained a wealth of new market intelligence, strengthened product testing and validation capabilities, and bolstered its advisory services.

The Futurum Group plans to run four strategic business units that will encompass a wide range of operations, while a select few entities will continue to operate under their existing brands as part of the group. The four key business units include:

  • Futurum Research: In-depth research and insights on global technology markets using advisory services, custom research reports, strategic consulting engagements, digital events, go-to-market planning, and message testing, along with creating, distributing, and amplifying rich media content where all stakeholders read, watch, and listen.
  • Futurum Intelligence: On-demand, syndicated market studies and visualization dashboards that inform with precision and depth to provide critical decision insight for strategists, product management, and marketers.
  • Futurum Labs: Testing and validation services that enable clients to create data driven materials and tools to highlight competitive advantages and differentiation to their IT customers.
  • Futurum Network: A digital media platform that provides daily news and analysis, combined with editorial insight and features. Futurum Network provides an education conduit and online community enabling clients to reach their target audiences.

Six Five Media, a joint venture with Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights and Strategy that sponsors the Six Five Summit, will remain operating independently. As part of the reorganization, Futurum Research, Wainhouse Research, Dash Network, and the Evaluator Group brands and businesses will be rolled up into The Futurum Group and cease to exist as separate entities.

Key Executive Positions

To bring new perspectives and leadership to The Futurum Group’s growth and path to continued success, the company has announced the appointment of several key executive positions for the expanding organization. These professionals bring a wealth of industry experience, a deep understanding of targeted industries and markets, and have a proven track record of delivering superior results. The new positions include:

  • Shelly Kramer: President and Chief Evangelist
  • Clint Wheelock: Chief Research Officer (co-founder of Dash Network)
  • Jonathan Keller: Chief Revenue Officer (co-founder of Dash Network)
  • Bill Ruff: Chief Customer Officer
  • Keith Winton: Chief Financial Officer
  • Russ Fellows: Head of Futurum Labs (formerly Senior Analyst, Evaluator Group)
  • Marc Beattie: Head of Futurum Intelligence (formerly Managing Partner, Wainhouse Research)

Daniel Newman will continue in his role as CEO of The Futurum Group.

Practice Area Expansion

The company also plans to recruit expertise in building analyst firms and intelligence. The goal is to establish 12 practice areas that deliver world-class insights from knowledgeable analysts and practice leaders. By leveraging the company’s broad reach and influence, The Futurum Group will be able to build a powerful core of analysts that reach critical markets, media, and ecosystems.

As part of that practice area refinement, Camberley Bates, formerly the managing director of Evaluator Group, will transition to the role of vice president and practice lead for the Data and Information Technology Management Practice (formerly known as Evaluator Group), and Steven Dickens will transition to a vice president and practice lead role for the Data Infrastructure & Operations Practice.

“These strategic corporate initiatives are essential to the company’s overall growth and development,” said Shelly Kramer, president and chief evangelist at The Futurum Group. “The Futurum Group will be able to expand its capabilities and provide even more value to its customers. And by building out its practice areas, the company will have a deeper and more specialized understanding of key industries and markets, enabling it to deliver more accurate and impactful insights.”

In addition to the development of its new analytics platform and the reorganization plan, The Futurum Group also is planning to overhaul its sales, marketing, and media offerings. The goal is to execute on the full funnel, helping customers from the go-to-market level all the way through influencing buying decisions. The company plans to achieve this by leveraging its qualitative and quantitative insights and using both new disruptive media, advanced marketing capabilities, and traditional research assets.

New Analytics Platform Offering

As part of its market growth and expansion objectives, The Futurum Group also has announced the development of a cutting-edge, technology-driven analytics platform. The company recognizes that the market demands measurable, transparent insights that, until now, have been lacking in optionality. The Futurum Group has engaged in a talent acquisition plan to recruit leading industry innovators with experience in public markets and venture capital for the development and execution of this platform.

This investment is a key element of The Futurum Group’s long-term strategic plan to continue to innovate and stay ahead of industry trends. As the company grows and evolves, it remains committed to investing in the people and resources needed to ensure that it remains at the forefront of industry research and analysis.

“With this new expertise, the company is confident that its analytics platform will be unmatched in the industry, providing customers with the most comprehensive and accurate insights available,” Newman said. “This platform is a crucial component of the company’s strategy to provide measurable, transparent insights that meet the demands of the market. Through the combination of its new organizational focus, strategic acquisitions, and cutting-edge technology, The Futurum Group is well-positioned to be a preeminent player in the industry.”

Empowering Customers

The organizational changes are designed to benefit customers in a variety of ways. The Futurum Group will be able to deliver a more comprehensive suite of services that can help them at every stage of the customer journey. Customers also will have expanded access to the latest and most effective marketing and sales techniques, giving them a competitive edge in the market. The reorganization will enable the company to better understand the needs and challenges of its customers, so that it can provide more personalized and effective solutions.

“This represents a significant investment in the company’s capabilities and our commitment to providing customers with the best possible service,” Kramer added. “By combining cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of the industry and its customers’ needs, The Futurum Group is poised to deliver measurable value and insights that set a new standard for the industry.”