The Futurum Group Acquires Marketing Services Firm Visible Impact

  • The Futurum Group is the world’s largest independent tech analyst and research firm in the $9.4B research and consulting market.
  • Visible Impact will be the driving force behind The Futurum Group’s recently announced Futurum.AI-Demand tool.


AUSTIN, Tex., May 24, 2023The Futurum Group has agreed to acquire innovative B2B marketing services firm Visible Impact. Visible Impact’s expertise in sales and marketing extends The Futurum Group’s ability to support clients through the entire go-to-market process, from strategy to product launch to campaign execution and market reach.

Visible Impact is widely recognized for its ability to help technology and technology-driven companies break away from disconnected marketing and sales practices with its extensive expertise in sales and marketing, industry-specific knowledge, The Compelling Conversation™ methodology, and an embrace of automation, AI and other tools. The firm’s insight- and data-backed conversations and supporting materials are designed to foster profitable interactions with customers across the buyer’s journey, helping clients accelerate sales and drive real impact to their bottom line.

“We are thrilled to join forces with The Futurum Group as this acquisition solidifies our position as a game-changer in the industry,” said M. Lee Sellers, founder and president of Visible Impact. “At Visible Impact, we have always been disruptors, continuously pushing the envelope in innovation. Our mission has been to help clients stand out in a crowded market, and this partnership will only enhance our ability to bring cutting-edge solutions to our clients and create a significant impact in the industry.”

By acquiring Visible Impact, The Futurum Group extends the influence of their insights on technologies and key market players. Clients can now leverage enhanced messaging, content, and sales enablement tools based on these insights to bolster their go-to-market strategies. Furthermore, this strategic move grants Visible Impact’s clients access to a broader spectrum of primary insights, increased reach, media exposure, and lead generation opportunities. Visible Impact will also be the driving force behind The Futurum Group’s recently announced Futurum.AI-Demand tool.

“The addition of Visible Impact to the company portfolio represents a market shift and disruptive opportunity for companies seeking to partner with our team,” said Daniel Newman, CEO at The Futurum Group. “This is a big win for our clients. While there are analyst firms that offer modest demand gen opportunities and there are marketing agencies focused on demand gen, none have access to the quality of data and insights and none can deliver the quality of demand gen opportunities at the speed of The Futurum Group and Visible Impact.”

Added Shelly Kramer, president and chief evangelist at The Futurum Group: “With Visible Impact, we can extend the already crucial role we play in enabling data-driven decision-making for organizations as they launch new products and services. Not only can we guide them on how to go to market effectively, we can also provide them with the sales enablement and demand generation capabilities to execute targeted strategies and drive engagement.”

Visible Impact will join The Futurum Group as an independent business unit.