Signal65 Launches, Announces Tech Veteran Ryan Shrout as President and GM to Grow its Reach in The Data Center Segment, Expand Coverage into Client Devices

  • Ryan Shrout, Signal65 President and GM previously served as Intel Corporation’s Chief Performance Strategist and most recently the CEO of Shrout Research
  • Founded jointly by The Futurum Group’s CEO Daniel Newman and Moor Insights & Strategy CEO Patrick Moorhead, Signal65 combines extensive industry experience in modern labs and performance testing
  • Newly formed Signal65 merges and rebrands Futurum Labs, formerly Evaluator Group, a Futurum Group company

AUSTIN, TexasDec. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Signal65 today announced its formation and unveiled its founding leadership and management team. Specialized in modern labs and performance testing, Signal65 incorporates the expertise in HPC, AI, hybrid cloud, storage, HCI, and networking from the Futurum Labs team combining the client computing expertise of Shrout Research and Ryan’s 25 years of experience in testing client CPUs, GPUs, SoCs, PCs and smartphones.

Named ‘Signal65’ to represent the signal of innovation in the noise of the technology markets, the company provides holistic integrated technical marketing capabilities through its modern performance and validation labs across the datacenter, the edge and client computing segments.

With the exponential growth within industries like semiconductors, a trillion-dollar sector, demand for performance testing and validation is on the rise. Semiconductor, OEM, ODM, CSPs like AWS and Azure, and software vendors now spearhead the dynamic complexities of AI and IT architectures which require less opaqueness and clear measurements of solution capabilities. Turned into necessity, technology enterprise companies seek standardized credibility of product or solution performance and claims from independent third parties.

Appointed as President and General Manager, Ryan Shrout has spent nearly two decades growing and managing a top-tier performance and technical review outlet, and 5 years at Intel Corporation as Chief Performance Strategist of its competitive analysis group and senior director of marketing for the graphics and AI division. Ryan will lead Signal65 to grow its reach in the data center segment and expand coverage into client devices.

Incoming President and GM Ryan Shrout said, “With a unique mix of industry veterans, engineering minded technicians and writers, and key trusted, independent voices, Signal65 can create and lead a narrative all the way from validation and testing, to messaging and marketing, and even thought leadership and story representation.” He added, “I’m exceptionally excited to take on the mission to lead Signal65 and its team at a time when fierce competition in tech can benefit one company and hurt another over factors like transparency of material and collateral, or unproven claims. Signal65 is the next instantiation of Futurum Labs, building for a generation of AI.”

“In the tech industry, we see a litany of marketing claims made by vendors from semiconductors to data center to integrated software solutions. For IT buyers and consumers it is nearly impossible to discern amongst the claims and we feel there is a strong need for a trusted partner to help simplify the signal from the noise.” Said Daniel Newman, CEO of The Futurum Group. “This is why we believe it is the right time to expand our lab business and launch Signal65, bringing in multiple authoritative voices in the industry to build the next-generation high-performance lab for testing and validating the claims made by technology vendors,” he added.

“Measures of merit are the basis for any technology company’s points of differentiation. Many of those start in the lab and need to be communicated to the point of influence and sale by authoritative brands,” said Patrick Moorhead, CEO of Moor Insights & Strategy. “We intend to work diligently with our deeply established relationships across the tech industry to be the most trusted, value-added partner for testing and validating performance claims,” he added.

For over 30 years, Moorhead has either run, operated in, or advised product management and product marketing teams on the optimal measures of merit. Founding Signal65 and advising the leadership team is a natural extension of his talents having served as a senior executive in the tech industry and the most reputed analyst, including a multi-year tenure as the #1 ranked most influential technology analyst according to ARInsights, which analyzed more than 8,000 industry analysts covering the tech space.

Co-founders Daniel Newman and Patrick Moorhead will serve on Signal65’s Board of Directors and actively advise the company.

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About The Futurum Group

The Futurum Group is the fastest growing independent tech research, intelligence, media, and advisory firm. Its continued growth is driven by emerging technologies and innovation across its clientele of more than 260 global companies. Futurum covers twelve major technology sectors: AI & data analytics, cloud, telecom, policy, consumer electronics, enterprise applications, security, semiconductors, workplace collaboration, sustainability, and CX. In 2023 it has acquired half a dozen companies in areas of research, intelligence, media, and performance testing and validation.

About Moor Insights & Strategy
Founded in 2011, Moor Insights & Strategy is a technology analysis and advisory firm staffed with analysts with actual industry experience. Founded in 2011 by Patrick Moorhead, the company has advised over 250 global technology companies on corporate and product strategy, mergers and acquisitions, product marketing and go-to-market strategies. Moorhead has over 30 years’ technology industry experience and served as an executive at AMD, Compaq Computer and AltaVista. He has also served on technology industry boards of directors like the CEA and the AEA and well as serving as chair for The St. David’s Medical Center in Austin, TX.

About Ryan Shrout
Ryan’s experience spans more than two decades including 5 years at Intel, serving in roles from competitive analysis, to owning client technical marketing, and driving product and positioning in the client graphics and AI division. Ryan spent 18 years running a top US-based PC, graphics, gaming, and creation review publication focused on real-world performance, innovating around measurement capabilities, user experience testing, and leading edge ways of communicating.

He founded Shrout Research in 2020, a consulting and analyst firm that worked with clients including AMD, Intel, Qualcomm, Arm, Nvidia, Samsung, Skywater, Micron and others.