Information and Data Management – Strategies and Solutions

Course Overview

Data has value. For companies and organizations, data is the lifeblood for operation. The data is used in processing required to yield information, make decisions, conduct business, and produce results. Data also has value when further analysis yields immediate, important actions to take and for longer term strategic decisions.

We are now entering into a period where Artificial Intelligence is dominating the discussion for everything from online activity to advances in research to pervasive questioning of truthful information. AI is driven by data from disparate sources. And, a very large amount of information. This has made the stewardship of data even more critical.

We are also faced with an increasing number and an increasingly complex series of attacks, with most demanding a ransom to restore data or avoid disclosing information. The security and cyber resilience requirements for managing information continue to increase and change as attacks adapt to protections put in place.

Storing, managing, and accessing information is the most critical purpose for information technology professionals and technologists who deliver those capabilities. This importance has created a discipline for information storage and management. The discipline continues to see technology advances and changes in demands resulting in a continuous learning curve for practitioners.

This year’s course will cover:

  • The strategies and directions for managing information and the technologies used
  • How the technologies are delivered as solutions by vendors, and how to understand these solutions and make informed decisions
  • The methods to approach an economic analysis when choosing a solution

Who: Hosted by Futurum Labs

When: April 16-17, 2024

Where: Hotel Boulderado, Boulder, CO. Book now using this link (until March 15, 2024) to take advantage of the specially discounted hotel rate for class attendees.

What is the cost?  Class is $1,597 USD per person (or $1,197 for previous attendees).  Premium subscribers typically have seats included in their annual subscription, which includes access to our research and consulting time with the analysts.


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Click here to download the syllabus for this year’s 2 day course.

2024 Information Management Technologies and Strategies Topics

Section 1: Industry Overview

Section 2: Technology Developments

Section 3: Developments in IT Infrastructure

  • AI in IT
  • AI Data Platforms and AI/ML
  • AIOps
  • Trends in IT Infrastructure

Section 4: Information Management

  • Data Protection
  • Cyber Resilience – Recovery from Ransomware
  • Multi-cloud Data Management

Section 5: Information Storage Technologies

Section 6: Information Storage Solutions from Vendors

Section 7: Understanding Performance and Value

Section 8: Consumption-Based Models – STaaS and Managed Services

Section 9: Changing Roles and Responsibilities for IT Professionals

Section 10: Considerations for Changing Vendors

Section 11: Vendor Discussions

Section 12: Special Topics

Who should attend?

  • Information Technology Professionals – exposure to latest technologies and solutions
  • Organization-wide teams – responsible for planning, managing, and utilizing information infrastructures
  • Business Executives – responsible for business operations, strategy and direction
  • Individuals – seeking to learn more about information storage