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VMware Cloud on Dell EMC / DCaaS – Product Brief

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC/Data Center-as-a-Service (DCaaS) is a consumption-based acquisition offering for VMware Cloud on Dell EMC HCI infrastructure. As such, it is a member of VMware’s Managed Solutions portfolio that also includes VMware Cloud on AWS.

DCaaS is a tight VMware/Dell EMC integrated offering that includes VMware Cloud Foundation (vSphere, vSAN, NSX-T and vRealize as an option) running on Dell EMC VxRail. Customers pay for DCaaS monthly based on a combination of system memory and storage consumed. VMware is responsible for first-call support and manages the support and infrastructure lifecycle experience for the customer.


DCaaS is delivered as a private cloud “stack” co-engineered by Dell EMC and VMware consisting of VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail HCI clusters of at least two nodes for system resilience. Hardware configurations include half rack or full rack when three or more VxRail nodes are required. The hardware configuration includes servers, storage and networking. Configurations also include two top-of-rack switches for internal networking and two VeloCloud SD WAN gateways for external NSX networking. Node model variants will be introduced in the future that are either compute- or storage-heavy.

The integrated VMware software stack includes vSphere, NSX-T, vSAN and vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager as an option. VMware PKS will be supported on this platform. VMware’s vRealize Cloud Management suites (vRealize Operations, Network and Automation) are separately licensable or available via subscription.

DCaaS infrastructure is delivered, installed, and supported by Dell Technologies. The system will self-configure upon installation and register with VMware cloud servers. While VMware claims that the system is “fully managed” by VMware, this only applies to on-going patching and security updates. Customers are responsible for performing other normal infrastructure management functions. To that end, customers have full visibility into system health and consumption metrics through VCF.


VMware Cloud on Dell EMC DCaaS Product Brief Includes:

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Usage and Deployment
  • EvaluScale Product Review Methodology
  • Evaluator Group’s Opinion

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January 19, 2022


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