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Trends in Enterprise Data Protection 2023 – Research Study

Data protection and recovery have become board-level priorities, as both the recognition of the value of data and the threat of cyber-attacks such as ransomware both rise. With this in mind, modern data protection must be able to serve not only core backup and recovery use cases; it also must be able to help to prevent and detect attacks, as well. What’s more, modern public cloud-hosted and container-based resources must be protected, alongside their more traditional physical and virtualized counterparts. This research study will dive into how IT Operations is addressing this evolving scope of data protection requirements from a technical perspective.

This research study was architected to understand:

  • – How IT operations from medium and large organizations are approaching the issue of protecting public cloud-native and container-based infrastructure and apps, alongside existing physical and virtual sources.
  • – How the ransomware threat is impacting data protection solution requirements, including the involvement of data protection personnel with lines of business and the C-Suite.

Evaluator Group Definition of Data Protection

Protecting data from compromise (including being viewed or used maliciously or by an unauthorized individual), corruption and loss. Capabilities include data backup, operational recovery, and disaster recovery (DR). Backup software is an example. Today, the definition is broadening to also include the ability to prevent and detect cyber-attacks such as ransomware.

Executive Summary/Key Takeaways

Insufficient staffing joins limited budget as customers’ most pressing data protection challenges

Data protection teams are being tasked with doing more than ever before, protecting heterogeneous hybrid multi-cloud environments while at the same time playing a fundamental role in supporting uptime of business-critical operations and resiliency against cyber-attacks. High solution costs and limited budget still remain the top long-standing issues impacting the data protection space, and they remain pervasive, in fact the limited budget concern went from 24% in 2019 to 39% in 2022, and staffing is now the strong number 3 at 28%….

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January 9, 2023


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