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Technical Insight: NetApp Takes On Oracle Databases

A Study of Oracle User Experiences with a Cross-functional, High Performance Storage Platform

Despite the broad diversification of database technologies available today that have been driven by open source software development, most enterprises—from no matter what industry segment—continue to use Oracle database solutions to support their core production systems. We believe this is because Oracle continues to offer, advance and support one of the most trusted and widely used relational database engines available for enterprise computing. The proof: Oracle databases are now used by approximately 310,000 customers worldwide.

As Oracle-based applications continue to evolve in the presence of hybrid cloud and application containerization initiatives, enterprise IT still needs a stable, high performance and cost-efficient storage environment to deliver Oracle applications to business users. One of these is NetApp with its portfolio of data-centric solutions that include ONTAP-based, fabric-attached storage systems, HCI platforms and cloud storage offerings.

Here we review NetApp’s storage systems as a storage platform for Oracle applications. We do so by first noting and addressing storage requirements. We then look at the data management aspects of NetApp’s ONTAP storage operating system to automate data protection and data distribution to applications manager, database administrators and data scientists. Finally, we present our findings from end-user interviews of an Oracle database environment supported by NetApp FAS storage systems as seen in real-world applications.

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July 28, 2020

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