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Technical Insight: IT Considerations for Solid State Storage

Simplifying Decisions – QLC and Beyond


Selection of storage solutions to use in Information Technology operations is a complex decision with far-reaching implications.  One of the main considerations is in regards to the technology used to store and retrieve information.  As is obvious, the use of solid state technology for storage has had a major impact on IT.  Performance, space, and power consumption are only three of the benefits typically cited.  Many more benefits regarding consolidation of systems and workloads have been quantified for economic gains as well.

But IT professionals must make choices regarding what type of solid state storage will be deployed.  One complicating factor is that there are new developments continuing to be made in solid state.  In the area of NAND flash, there has been a progression of the number of bits per cell up to QLC (Quad Level Cell) or four bits per cell currently.  Techniques to improve the wear characteristics and the chip density with an increase in the number of layers per package continue to see new developments.  All have contributed to expand usage and decrease the costs.  The improvements continue with announcements and projections adding to the challenge of making an evaluation of which storage to acquire.

Making decisions for what solid state technology to use for what types of data based on the need to match the underlying technology and specific workload usage may not be required anymore.  New developments have addressed the unique issues with NAND flash technology, reducing the complexity of selecting storage solutions.

Solid state technology that uses phase change technology continues to evolve but that is a topic for another Technical Insight.

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November 10, 2021

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