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Storage Efficiency: The Economics of Archiving – IT Business Case Review

This paper reports on a business case evaluation of information archiving conducted by Evaluator Group. The information presented here should be used to understand considerations and economics in one particular case as an example of what can be expected from implementation of an archiving strategy.

In examining costs associated with growing capacity demand, the IT organization of a company decided to investigate whether implementing a strategy for archiving information would provide significant economic gains. The economic value had to be compelling and straightforward to sell to business owners and other interests in a business environment where agreement was required to make a change to current operations.

Developing an archiving strategy and building an economic model to use as a basis for a decision required analysis of the current environment and evaluation of solutions possible to use to meet demands. The characteristics required for an archiving solution had to be discovered from the business operations, governance and regulatory requirements, and current capacities and growth of information representing the best candidates for archiving.

The analysis and evaluation produced recommendations for an archiving strategy and an economic model showing a short return on investment with continuing economic advantages. The consideration of economic benefits included both savings in the purchase of primary and backup storage and gains in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. For purposes of convincing constituents, only hard economic advantages were used in the economic model.

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December 29, 2012

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