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Spectra Logic StorCycle – Product Brief

StorCycle is a data archiving and management solution that was developed by Spectra Logic in 2019. The solution is delivered as software capable of running on Windows or Linux systems and supports moving data between primary NAS, filesystems, or S3 clouds and a variety of secondary storage targets.

The driving force behind StorCycle is the concept of organizing active and inactive data between a high-performance primary tier and a more economical perpetual tier. StorCycle supports NAS systems and AWS or Azure cloud storage as migration targets, as well as object or tape via a Spectra Logic BlackPearl device.

As the name suggests, StorCycle facilitates a cyclical approach to data archival and management that is intended to accommodate the full lifecycle of data. This lifecycle includes identifying inactive data, migrating data to a perpetual storage solution, and restoring previously archived data as needed. StorCycle identifies inactive data by scanning files to provide insights into the age and size of files being stored. A global setting can be set to determine age by a file’s last accessed time, last modified time, or creation time. These metrics can then be used to create migration jobs to move data identified as inactive to a perpetual storage solution. StorCycle also enables full projects to be migrated and tagged via its project archive functionality. Once migrated, StorCycle enables the retrieval of archived data through its web interface, as well as through HTML links that can be left in place of the archived files or for a full project.

StorCycle is managed through a simple HTML web interface that provides guided wizards to set up jobs for scanning, migrating, and restoring. Jobs can be run manually, as well as run on a recurring schedule. StorCycle also provides a simplistic visualization of the inactive data discovered in scan jobs through graphs that breakdown how much data is stored across age and size thresholds.

StorCycle provides the ability to identify and archive inactive data and provide cost savings by freeing up capacity on primary storage systems. To track these cost savings, StorCycle provides a built-in cost estimator tool that tracks how much money was potentially saved as data is migrated.

Spectra Logic StorCycle Product Brief includes:

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Usage
  • EvaluScale Product Review Methodology
  • Evaluator Group’s Opinion

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October 18, 2023


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