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Solid State Storage Adoption in the Enterprise – Research Study

This research study examines the adoption of solid state storage in enterprise environments, seeking to understand uses and value from initial deployments and planned changes based upon experience with the technology. Enterprises with solid state storage were targeted with a survey and followed up by interviews with a percentage of respondents to obtain a deeper understanding of survey data.

Evaluator Group has published many articles on storage technologies in general and solid state in the form of flash specifically. Getting a read-out on the current status for solid state, primarily in the form of flash storage, in enterprises was seen as valuable in enhancing understanding of how successful the technology has become. The information accumulated was analyzed to provide a clearer view of enterprise use and plans for solid state technology than would be available from reporting shipment data. Coupled with Evaluator Group’s efforts in working with IT clients on strategies to solve their information storage and data management needs, this research study serves to reinforce the learnings from those engagements.

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April 26, 2018


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