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Planning a Storage Strategy – Table of Contents and 1st Chapter

Many companies do not have a strategy on how to deal with storing information or have an adequate plan allowing them to address the changing needs.  The information of a company is needed for processing for business operations, providing intelligence for strategic decisions, and the many other aspects of day-to-day company business.  The information is sometimes thought of as the results of applications run in business or research which may turn into the input for other applications.  Information is data stored and retrieved for a business purpose.  A strategy for handling of the information is another critical company business process.

This book will serve as providing background information and a guide in planning a storage strategy.  Each business environment has differences in operation and a different set of guiding principles.  Because of that, developing a storage strategy requires some localization and this book points out some areas where differences need to be considered.  Understanding the differences should help in adapting the planning for a storage strategy to an individualized environment.


The organization for material is first to explain the need for a storage strategy in general terms with some of the considerations involved.  The business issues are covered next with the requirements on the storage strategy that will be generated.  When dealing with storage, which is where the critical company asset of data resides, risk management must be covered as an individual item for a storage strategy.


Next in the material for planning a storage strategy is an examination of the components to consider.  Storage management is the first topic covered because it has such long term implications.  The storage systems and infrastructure elements and how a strategy needs to factor those into an implementation plan is next.  Future technology deployments must be a consideration as well: how they affect the business of storage and the means of incorporating into the environment as well as the expectation of business value.

How to go about making strategic decisions is also part of planning a storage strategy covered in the book.  This includes where and how to acquire information and assess the validity.  A process for making the decisions around the strategy and for selling the storage strategy within the enterprise is incorporated as well.

Finally, some recommendations regarding the storage strategy are made.  These include managing the strategy to a process as an ongoing business operation, effecting the implementation plans, and evaluation and measurement for constant improvements.  Some guidelines and a Storage Strategy Workbook are included to aid in the entire process.

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June 24, 2013


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